Search Engine Optimization

8 Reasons to Choose Top IMHY SOFT for Your (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO provides visibility of a website or webpage in a search engine’s results. The higher a site is ranked on the search engine’s list, the more the site will be visited. Use IMHY SOFT for search engine optimization and ultimately receive more visitors to your site which will increase our sales quotas.

  1. Full Optimization for Your Website. We work with you to restructure your site’s code to ensure that keywords are prevalent. Search engines look for specific keywords that describe the website and the more relevant your site is to your keywords, the higher your site will be listed.  IMHY SOFT Web Solutions have proven techniques that move your site by fifty to seventy places when using relevant keywords. We will also research to find the best keywords that draw visitors to your website.
  2. The Best Link Construction Techniques. Add links from other sites to your site. Keep all links relevant to your content to ensure that search engines will have confidence in your website and choose to move you higher in the rankings. Link ranking and optimization can add popularity to your site. The more quality websites that you link to your website the more people will find their way to your web pages. We help you keep links high quality, relevant and constantly updated.
  3. We Respond to Change. IMHY SOFT’s knowledgeof the industry provides awareness about search engines’ continually changing parameters. Search engines continually update their rules and systems to ensure that all results are relevant, safe and searched.  Our company has followed changes on the web and in search engine optimization rules through the years and we know how to help our clients change and adapt to maintain high optimization.
  4. Enthusiastic Account Managers. Every SEO client is allocated to an account administrator who will monitor your account on a day to day basis. You can reach your account manager for questions via email and phone to help you make the needed changes that keeps your website operating at the top of every search engine.
  5. Full Reporting. Every month we provide SEO reports that include current placesplus the number of visits the SEO campaign produced. You will be able to equate your recent performance to preceding months which will keep you ahead of market trends.
  6. We cater to all Budgets. Our motto is “no client is too small” and we work with your marketing budget to give you full optimization.
  7. Years of SEO Knowledge. IMHY SOFT’s SEO teams have years of combined experience in working with the industry. We keep current with all market changes through industry blogs, articles, and search engine reports.
  8. Clients Results. We have a proven success record with our clients leading the top positions on Google’s rankings. Our clients consistently come in at the top ten, five and number one positions in this highly competitive marketing strategy.