E-commerce and Shopping Carts Development

Everybody knows that retail stores are a good business, no matter what you sell, there will always be people near you willing to buy your products or services. But a retail store is limited to it’s geographical location. If you want to go global, there are no limits to the internet. Our ecommerce website development and shopping cart development team will take your business all over the world. E-commerce will multiply your customers and raise your profits. Your e-commerce website is now your store, welcome!

What is a online shopping cart and how can it help me?

In essence, an online shopping cart is a combination of software used to create an online storefront, or e-commerce website. It acts as a virtual shopping cart, keeping track of the items visitors have ordered and allowing them to add or remove items. When a visitor decides to "check out" (purchase the items online) the software sends all order information to the merchant where it is processed and managed.

Go Global with your online business and e-commerce shopping carts

It is a fact that companies, located in the other side of the world are making great profits by going online and being accessible by anybody online. Online shopping is accessible to anyone with a computer at home, at work or even at the coffee shop. Products and services are just a click away and people are taking advantage of this convenient way of life. Every year the amount of people willing to buy online grow significantly. Now, ask yourself, how much business are you loosing by not having an online presence.

Why choose us over others to be your shopping cart and online businesses developers?

You can think, that there are a lot of different online stores available even for free, you just need to download them, follow the instructions and that’s all, there is your online e-commerce working and functional. But the process of sell online does not finish there, many of those shopping carts are very good, but they do not fulfill your needs, or the way it was created make it too dificult for you to manage or your customers to buy your products, in other words, there is no way you can customize it to your needs 100%, you will be able to sell, and that’s it. In addition the security aspect of those shopping carts is very delicate, every day bugs and security issues appear and they are very public, by the time you discover your store has a bug and have the time to fix it, it may be too late and people with knowledge and time can take advantage of it steeling your customer’s information, credit cards, orders information, merchant account information and more.
When you choose IMHY SOFT we will create an ecommerce website adjusted to your specifications, 100% created to fulfill your needs and you can be sure your customers will have the securitystability and user-friendly interface to make them come back.

We have the experience and knowledge to make your online business a winner, we know the way the market moves and we can maximize your chances of success. We are ready to be your shopping cart development team and assist you in what ever you need to make your online business a winner.