WordPress in today’s world is more than just a blogger tool and known as a quality CMS in web development. While developing your site using wordpress you need a suitable theme for your site. Theme selection depends upon the nature and scope of your web application as well as your business.

sample-themeBy default wordpress has installed the latest theme developed by the WP team and also one to two previous themes like this. These themes are developed on the grounds of common requirements for websites and have a standard interface for your site. Adopting these themes you can setup your site with the basics but it can’t fulfill your needs which you require to make your web presence and boost it up.

When you understand that you require some unique look and feel for your site then it is necessary to choose the best theme for your site. The wrodpress community offers many free themes to be installed in this respect and you can install them by browsing the add new theme section in your dashboard. Some times if your site has some basic features like demonstration about your business web presence and your introduction etc then these standard free themes are good for you and you can get these customized by hiring some developer up to some extent according to your needs.

The free themes hosted by the wordpress are uploaded by the developers after fulfilling some criteria which is prescribed by the WP Community and changed from time to time. Although these themes can give your site a pleasant look and feel but many times you requirements like custom posts listings or custom functionality implementation can not be fulfilled by these free themes. You are then required some premium or some custom theme for your site.

cosmetThe Premium themes can be obtained both from wordpress community and other market places such as themeforest.net or from some private sites also.

Some times these premium themes can also be found as free at some sites but it has the maximum risk. Many times you are redirected to URLs having some threats or viruses and also some times the downloadable packages have some things like this inside them which are executed upon your extraction. So, the best way to obtain these themes is to purchase them properly with the license.

The other way as described is the custom theme development in which you can get the maximum output as you require because you get the front and the back end as per your requirement and you can get modified it easily as it is your own property and your developer knows every thing about that. You can use some PSD or some HTML template for this purpose as your developer is ready to convert these in WP theme. It requires more time to develop some custom theme but it is most suitable way for enhancing your web presence on the network.

So, If you desire that your site should have some unique look and feel then you should adopt the custom theme development way for this.