Updating the text and image content of your web pages is absolutely vital for a number of reasons, whether it be to provide a fresh look and feel to your website or simply due to changes in business such as pricing, content updating should not be overlooked. Updating the content of your website can also help gain better SEO (search engine optimisation) results such as higher search engine position and ranking, if the content is relevant to the pages source code and consistent then this can be favoured by algorithms used by popular search engines. People will want to visit your website again if new and useful information is regularly added.

The source code of a website refers to the coding language used to program your website, this is the bones of your website that you don’t see. The source code contributes not only to the appearance and design of your website, but also plays a very important role in SEO (search engine optimisation). By making alterations to the title keywords and description of web pages in correspondence to the content contained within that particular web page can enhance the search engine rank and positioning. Embedded links within web pages also enhance SEO, careful changes can ensure a good all round website and cannot be overlooked.